WCN14 Podcast: Why WordPress? with Randy Hicks

Easy, quick, effective.

If you’re looking at launching your own venture, or just getting started in web design, Randy Hicks will tell you that WordPress is the place to start.

He loves the WordPress community.

“It’s a platform built by the community and ran by the community and volunteers are doing just about everything.”

Listen to Clark Buckner‘s chat with developer Randy Hicks.

Randy’s been a lead organizer for Nashville WordCamp and WPNashville, the primary user meet-up group, as a volunteer for the past few years. For him, it’s incredible to chart the progress of successful community members that started out knowing nothing about WordPress.

“You can see the growth. They are now the people who are coming out and volunteering for WordCamp and volunteering for the meet-ups. And they’re the ones speaking at the meet ups and speaking at Wordcamps. It’s pretty awesome.”

WordPress members aren’t the only ones taking notice of the thriving community within the Nashville tech industry. Randy’s encountered individuals from BarCamp and PodCamp who are impressed with what the WordPress community has accomplished with its WordCamps.

“It’s starting to gain some traction, which is really good.”

Previously from Portland, Randy’s stationed with Metacake, a web design agency and digital marketing agency in Franklin, TN, and has been living in Nashville for the past five years.

After doing PHP coding, Randy started working with WordPress since late 2007. Now, he’s a pro at both.

This interview was provided by TechnologyAdvice, an Inc. 5000 company that connects buyers and sellers of business technology through meaningful relationships. Interview conducted by Clark Buckner.