VoxMD delivers WordPress solutions to healthcare companies

By Dick Pepper, Vice President VoxMD

VoxMD is a healthcare marketing and technology company based in exotic, tropical Hendersonville, TN.

We are unique for a healthcare marketing company in that we all come from medical backgrounds, as caregivers, device company directors, etc. as well as a long history of online development.

VoxMD HendersonvilleVoxMD specializes in digital marketing and uses WordPress for all of our solutions and products. We use WP in a number of ways.

We deliver WordPress solutions to Fortune 500 customers, as traditional websites, but also integrated with custom technology to provide real-time solutions for medical device company needs, such as scheduling surgeon visits, ordering bone models and samples, and other uses not typically thought of when one thinks of WordPress.

Also, VoxMD delivers its original medical content through a unique WP Plugin and backend database that actually uses a separate WordPress database. This allows us to syndicate our content.

Our background is PHP and MySQL, long before WordPress showed up, and we recognized how well WordPress allows us to leverage these skills more quickly than creating sites and technology from scratch.

And even though we have a long history in development, we’re smart enough to recognize how little we know. That’s why we’re an avid supporter of the WordPress community, and a first-time sponsor of WordCamp. We recognize how much everyone, regardless of skill level, brings to the table, and how we need to support efforts to bring everyone together.

WordPress is at once simple and complex, and it takes a lot of eyes and brains to figure out the never-ending ways in which we can use – and benefit from – WordPress.

VoxMD is proud to be a sponsor of WordCamp Nashville 2014 and upcoming WPNashville events.

Note: This is one in a series of guest posts from our local sponsors.