Ross Jones: Registration Lead

Randy Hicks: Schedule and Task Master

Task Master. Laid back php developer, WordPress enthusiast and part time discgolfer. I’m originally from the Northwest, but Nashville is starting to grow on me!


Alex Patin: Design Lead

Alex is a designer and front end web developer from Nashville. Alex is a member of the Nashville WordPress Developer Meetup, and nerds out over games, technology, and anything with an awesome story. Alex collects stickers and covers his laptop with them, so if you have a sticker, be sure to give him one!


John Housholder

Brett Shumaker: Site Lead

Site Management, HTML, CSS and more. WordPress developer from Ohio, living and working in Nashville. I love building WordPress sites and making WordPress plugins.


Morgan Bortz: Design

Morgan Bortz is a graphic designer in the Nashville area. She loves to work with small-to-mid sized businesses and non-profits to implement effective visual branding and personality. Previously, Morgan has worked in the advertising industry and her formal education was focused on culture studies and marketing. Tying these elements together has allowed her to focus on how people think and what they’re attracted to. In WordPress, she crafts sites to be more visually appealing. She enjoys the WordPress community and invites you to connect with her.


Justin Near: Help desk lead

Stay-at-home homeschooling mom by day, WordPress guru by night, urban dweller who loves the outdoors…all the time. Primarily work on supporting WordPress users and doing WordPress builds in my “real” job.


Todd O’Neill: Video

MTSU professor

D’nelle Dowis: Speaker Lead

D’nelle is the owner of Berry Interesting Productions, where her shenanigans include website building, email marketing, graphic designing, SEO-ing and social media managing. She lives and works in East Nashville with her husband and dog.


Pamela Coyle: Content Lead

Pam, owner of Content that Connects, helps tech firms translate their services and products into clear language that grabs the attention of new clients and customers. A content strategist and specialist, Pam uses tools from her previous life as a newspaper reporter and editor to, as she says, “Save clients from themselves.”

Kindell Moore: Photography