Mario Scott

  • Mario Scott
  • WordPressing since July 2013
  • “Advanced amateur”

Mario Scott is no stranger to technology – he was a technology information systems operator/analyst for the U.S. Army for six years; maintained and provided technical support for software, hardware and networks at Fort Campbell for three years; and, as a contractor, reviewed and monitored risk management procedures for information systems for Department of Defense accreditation.

But he didn’t meet WordPress until July 2013 when he was researching content management systems for a website to serve as umbrella for integrated media/entertainment projects. WordPress was the perfect fit for the nascent Mario Scott Enterprises.

What struck Mario, beyond the platform itself, was the large, supportive ecosystem of the WordPress community. “The breadth of the community is just huge,” he says.

He began attended WP Nashville MeetUps in January 2014 after getting a new job as a client services analyst at The Tennessean and no longer had to commute to the Clarksville area. Mario’s been experimenting with different templates on WordPress.com as well as learning CSS and tinkering with custom post types.

“It is not a steep learning curve, and you don’t have to go into the code if you don’t want to,” Mario says. “It meets you wherever you are and you can go as far as you want.

“That’s what I like about WordPress,” he says. “It’s the Swiss Army of websites. It’s nuts what you can do with it.”