Sponsor Post: Frustration led FoxyCart founders to build flexible shopping cart

Today’s lesson in perseverance comes from WordCamp Nashville Gold Sponsor FoxyCart. Founders Brett Florio and Luke Stokes hated – hated – the ecommerce carts available to developers. They were rigid, or ugly, or both.

So they built one they like. It gives developers all the power and customizing options they’ll ever need and gives merchants faster check-out and higher conversion rates.
To date, FoxyCart has processed more than $500 million in transactions worldwide.

FoxyCartWith FoxyCart, developers create flexible, powerful custom e-commerce in less time. Merchants see more sales with high conversions and lightning fast checkout.

Basic HTML knowledge to create a link or a form gets you started – even with no prior experience building an an ecommerce site. FoxyCart can be integrated into anything, whether hardcoded HTML, a dynamic CMS, or a custom framework.

On the design side, styling stores, carts and checkouts creates a seamless experience for shoppers.

FoxyCart is a frequent WordCamp sponsor. FoxyShop and FoxyPress, plugins developed by WordPress community members, integrate the platform with our favorite open-source content management system. Both have been very successful.

A developer, Luke considers himself somewhat of a WordPress “newbie,” though recently worked on a WordPress site at a 2-day Hack-a-thon event.

“WordPress makes complicated things easy,” he says.

So does FoxyCart.

It allows sale of physical goods, downloads, subscriptions, one-offs, products with dizzying options – and donations – all in the same cart during the same transaction.

Curious? Take FoxyCart for a test drive.